Warding Away Black Magicians and Sorcerers

Doing a Palo Curse

Black Magic

African curses and those found generally in all black magic can damage your life severely. They are very real and dangerous. If you are under the influence of one it is necessary to undo the bindings and ties to avoid danger in your life.

People who suffer the effects of spells, curses and obstacles in their lives often wonder; “Why did they do this to me?” Usually these are people who seek to be peaceful, get along with neighbors, and have a friendly, affectionate demeanor. They don't understand the cruelty of which they are being subjected to. They often don't understand the corruption and intentions of a sorcerer – or the person who has contracted a sorcerer – to bring spiritual harm upon them.

The answer is not always simple, but it does have to do directly with the human condition. The negative feelings tend to be fed further by individuals who are negative. People who are conflictual, unfair with others, have high levels of negativity and can't stand to see others happy are more likely to try and curse you. The goodness of another may irritate them. That is why they decide to go to a Bokur or Palero – a sorcerer of dark African curses. Or, worse, they may be a practitioner themselves. Their negativity can then be very effectively and dangerously directed toward the object of their ire.

Not Everything Is The Work Of A Curse

Cursed Dolls

As mentioned, curses are real, dangerous and deadly. There are many types of spells and damage that a Bokur or Palero can inflict upon a person. The difference varies primarily in the conurations and incantations; the materials, elements and even spirits are often the same. Evil spells may have different intensity and range from a temporary discomfort to sickness and death.

That being said, impressionable minds should avoid taking any undesirable fact or event as the work of black magic. For example, it is known that during times of crisis and unemployment that many people may lose their jobs. If a person loses their job it may feel like a curse, but can be explained by natural means.

Therefore, one should have the attitude and resolution of moderation and objectivity. Before attempting to remove any curse you should know that you will face the forces of evil directly. You will be facing tradition many thousands of years old; Voodoo from a dark path. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself from many elements. If you do not feel qualified and capable to do so then finding someone to work on your behalf may help.

How Do I Stop A Curse?

Many only consider curses and hexes when the damage is already done. Because of this, it is worth explaining how to prevent curses in the first place. Please, consider the steps to protect yourself below. You could be unwittingly subjecting yourself to spiritual danger:

  1. Choose to spend most of your time with people who share a joy of life and the positive. People who stay negative and in the lower spiritual world can attractive negative spirits into your life.
  2. Many ties and curses in Voodoo and Palo are performed with objects given to you as presents. For this reason, never put anything in your home that has been given to you by an unknown person. If unsure, contact someone you trust to dispose of the item properly.
  3. Avoid attracting attention to the self in front of others; avoid being boisterous or the center of attention. Being clearly visible will make you stand out more for spiritual attack, especially if others feel envious or jealous of you.
  4. Be wary and cautious of strangers who inexplicably approach you saying they want to be friends. Accepting a person as your friend opens up a spiritual door and can let them influence you.
  5. Avoid displays of wealth and riches; people may become envious or covetous of what you have. Nobody should know exactly what you earn or spend upon your family, lest they attempt to take that from you via the use of a curse.